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Permaculture Educational Progression

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1. Certificate - Anyone who completes the "not less than" 72 hour course which covers the basic Pc Designers Manual curriculum of topics may receive a Pc Design trainee or apprentice certificate.

2. Diploma - After 2 years of applied work, students can forward an application for a diploma of applied design. (May take 3-4 years). The application must be accompanied by affidavits from co-workers, field reports, photos, journal articles, or supporting evidence. $30 Australian.

Fields which qualify for diplomate work :

ADMINISTRATION - Directing, conducting or assisting consultancy groups, associations & institutes & developing strategies in Pc work

ARCHITECTURE & BUILDING - Designing or building low-cost & low-energy use dwellings or structures

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT - Planning, assisting with, or implementing community development projects, urban systems, villages, or work with disadvantaged groups


EDUCATION - Working on curricula, teaching, or course work in Pc education

FINANCE & BUSINESS - Setting up or operating financial systems for ethical investment, community revolving funds, or other self-financing systems for communities

MANUFACTURING- Establishing or creating strategies or workshops producing hardware or goods for Pc design use, or essential technology; researching & marketing such technology

MEDIA & COMMUNICATIONS - Creating or operating publications or audio-visual aids to communication & education in the Pc system.

RESEARCH - Making a significant contribution to research in the area of field or academic research into Pc systems & needs


SITE DEVELOPMENT - Designing & working on their own or another site as a demonstration of Pc principles

SITE DESIGN - Completing designs for others in Pc systems (usually not less than 10 designs)


SYSTEM ESTABLISHMENT & IMPLEMENTATION - Setting up or operating nurseries, earth moving systems, soil conservation strategies, or the supply of goods or services to the Pc system; working on the implementation of design systems




"Each diploma issued will have one or more of the above categories written in the space provided; thus, the diploma will indicate just where the graduate is considered to be competent. At any time, graduates may apply for new diplomas carrying additional categories in which they have been involved for at least one year.

Trainees may apply for diplomas after the completion of two years applied work; diplomas will be issued by the continental institutes, =ho will keep a register of graduates. trainees can be nominated for a diploma by the teachers, or by a group of two or more teachers, or by a group of two or more graduates of the college who can attest to their work. for those working in remote areas, an account of work completed or in progress should be forwarded to the local (continental) institute. Trainee designers are expected to deep in contact with a graduate group.

Diplomas may, in special cases, be issued to people who have shown competence in one or other of the above areas, but who have not completed a course. However, such people are not to assume teaching positions without completing formal courses of 72 hours under a qualified teacher.

Higher degrees may be applied for through the Research Supervisor of the local (continental) institutue. Such work must make a significant contribution to design processes in the fields of Pc."

........Bill Mollison


Further degrees through the proposed Pc Academy

  1. Baccalaureate - 2-3 years of further work
  2. Masters - 2 more years
  3. Doctorate - 3 more years

........Foundation Year-Book of The Pc Academy 1993

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