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2012 Urban-Rural : Southern British Columbia Permaculture Design Certification Course
June 19, 2012 - August 6, 2013

Offered By - Gaiacraft
Elphinstone Rainforest
Contact Person - Delvin Solkinson
Phone - (none provided)
email -
Web Address -
Course Fee - $555
Course Format - One meeting a month for 14 months
Course Location - Greater Vancouver and Sunshine Coast, British Columbia
Course Instructor(s) - Delvin Solkinson

Course Description -

A short ferry from Vancouver in the tiny village of Roberts Creek comes a unique, low-cost, flexibly scheduled Permaculture Design Course. Meeting once a month over fourteen months in locations on the Sunshine Coast and Greater Vancouver area, the class caters to lower-income people, students, youth, and anyone who wants to learn permaculture but cannot afford the cost or intensive time commitment of other courses.

The course is very flexible with busy lives and organized modularly. If you miss a class you can jump in on the the same module in a different class at no extra cost. I am run two courses staggered by a month to allow for even more flowing make up classes. 

Join this adventure in learning as it journeys to eco-locations like the Heart Gardens, UBC Farm, The Frogs Hollow, Rolling Earth, Country Haven, Strathcona and Cottonwood Gardens, Compost Education Center, Loutet Farm, Sole Food, Old Growth Forest sites and the properties of students who want to host. 

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2012 Urban-Rural : Southern British Columbia
Permaculture Design Certification Course

A small ring of learners will meet up once a month in the Greater Vancouver and Elphinstone Rainforest to learn about how nature designs itself and how we can become sustainable designers ourselves. Together we will learn how to map and design our land and our lives, plan for emergency, grow organic food in all four seasons and work to build a more sustainable future. The certification granted upon completion of the course will empower participants as  permaculture designers, consultants and beginner teachers able to use the word permaculture legally in their practice, business or project. This sustainability education eco-training certificate is a practical path for greening your life, resume and portfolio. 

Course Topics include:
design methods * patterns in nature * soils and composting * water * trees * design for cool , tropical and arid climates * social permaculture * native food and medicine plants of the Coastal First Peoples and much much more. We have worksheets, permaculture design gaming tools, an online social networking and educational support platform, as well as hundreds of gardens as our living classroom.

All proceeds go towards space rentals, guest teachers, printing, teaching tools and to pay for Delvin's permaculture education. 

Delvin Solkinson has completed a PDC, Diploma and Masters Degree in
Permaculture Education through Bill Mollison in Tasmania and done
advanced trainings with David Holmgren, Geoff Lawton, Robyn Francis, the Bullock Brothers, Tom Ward, Jude Hobbs, Robin Clayfield and Rosemary Morrow. He is an accredited teacher through the Permaculture Research Institute. Currently he is taking a PDC with Toby Hemenway and working on a second diploma through Permaculture Institute USA.

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june 19 
july 17
august 21
september 18
october 16
november 20
december 18
wednesday january 9
wednesday february 6 
march 12
april 9
may 7
july 9
august 6

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Permaculture Design Course
August 19 - September 1st, 2012

Offered By - Kootenay Permaculture
Winlaw, BC, Canada
V0G 2J0
Contact Person - Gregoire Lamoureux
Phone - (none provided)
email -
Web Address -
Course Fee - Tuition Fee: for early registration by July 20th is $950. After July 20th the cost for the course will be $1,050.
Course Format - lectures, hands-on projects, field trips, and team design projects
Course Location - Kootenay Permaculture, Winlaw, BC
Course Instructor(s) - Gregoire Lamoureux & guests.

Course Description -

This is the basic two week (13 days) permaculture design course. The course topics includes permaculture techniques & principles, site analysis, soil fertility, fruit & nut trees, agroforestry, water uses, wildcrafting, ecological buildings, alternative energy, ecovillage design, urban permaculture & more. It presents a good balance between theory & hands-on projects. The course will also include slide shows, lectures, discussions, design exercises, & field trips to see local examples of ecological design. Some local guest speakers will present some of the topics during the course. The Kootenays is well-known for the diversity & creativity of the local residents.

This Permaculture Design Course is presented by Kootenay Permaculture & Selkirk College in Nelson. It has been running for 10 consecutive years at the farm in Winlaw, BC where a forest garden has been evolving since 1993. This course brings participants from many parts of the country.

The main instructor Gregoire Lamoureux is one of the most experienced Permaculture teacher in Canada and has worked with permaculture systems for 20 years and taught courses in many parts of the country. He taught the permaculture design course as a Summer Session at the University of Manitoba in 2005. And has taught the Permaculture Design Course with Selkirk College since 2002. Gregoire has served on the Board of Directors of Seeds of Diversity Canada for seven years and has also been on the Board of Directors of Slocan River Streamkeepers. He is a founding member of Kootenay Organic Growers Society and was on the Certifying Committee for three years.

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All Seasons Advanced Diploma Course
March 21, 2012 - June 11, 2014

Offered By - Gaiacraft
(none provided)
Contact Person - Delvin Solkinson
Phone - (none provided)
email -
Web Address -
Course Fee - $555
Course Format - Once a season meeting for a full day for 30 months.
Course Location - Once a season meeting for a full day for 30 months.
Course Instructor(s) - Delvin Solkinson

Course Description -

Today we are witnessing a growing crisis of community on many levels. Disruptions in the ecological web of our planet, political and religious differences between nations, as well as the uprising of people oppressed by the current economic situation are all inspiring the formation of new kinds of community. Increasingly people are coming together to co-operate in the restoration and healing of our homeworld.

As individuals and communities, neighbourhoods and nations, we are all in transition in many levels. In this time of rapid change, our actions are weaving the very fabric of the future. There is no better time than 2012 to step into a more active role as community leaders, teachers and stewards. For those that have already done a permaculture design course, you are in a unique position to step forward and evolve your practice to benefit out world.

Whether you are an experienced teacher or a new graduate of the PDC, the permaculture path of life long learning offers many opportunities for growth and evolution. Boost your life skillset, resume and portfolio with a group of advanced students inspired to get credit for two years of applied permaculture work in any area of site design, consulting, aid or teaching. Whether you focus your work at home, in your community, in your business, or on larger projects you can get credit for the work you are doing by earning a valuable Permaculture Diploma.

All Seasons 2
Advanced Permaculture Diploma Program

This is a low impact, flexible and flowing transformative course in education. We meet up for a full day every 3 months over 10 seasons. This advanced course in learning will offer support, inspiration and content for you to complete a two year Permaculture Diploma through one of the Permaculture Institutes. Open to all residents of British Columbia.

This is a social permaculture vehicle for carrying us across the 2012 divide, offering a dynamic learning pathway which will evolve your ability to teach, design and consult using the permaculture toolkit. Its unclear what is happening next for our world or our civilization. In this unknown future you may be called to step forward into a guiding or leadership role in your community. This course helps to support your process of growing awareness while strengthening your confidence and presence in the world.

This class includes

low impact two year mapping and design project at your home
support for four season harvest gardening
advanced design games
permaculture videos
community resilience assessment
disaster scenario preparedness
media development
teaching practice
round table discussions
diploma check in's

Heart Gardens (Roberts Creek)
Rolling Earth (Roberts Creek)
Country Haven (Roberts Creek)
Sustainable Living Arts School (Roberts Creek)
UBC Farm (Vancouver)
Strathcona / Cottonwood Gardens (Vancouver)
Old Growth Forest Sites (Sunshine Coast)
Permaculture Farms and Urban Permaculture Sites

Cost : $555 in advance ($655 with extended payment plan)
Register now to secure your space and join our learning ring.

maximum class size : 13

March 2012 - June 2014

Full day meetings in
March, June, September and December

contact : for more details