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Permaculture Design Certificate
24 March 8 July, 2012

Offered By - Chop Wood Carry Water Permaculture
150 Stevens Hill Road
Nottingham, NH
Contact Person - Lauren Chase-Rowell
Phone - 603-463-7538
email -
Web Address -
Course Fee - $1,000
Course Format - 1 weekend per month over 5 months
Course Location - 150 Stevens Hill Road, Nottingham, NH, 55 Birchwood Road, Manchester, NH & field trips
Course Instructor(s) - Lauren Chase-Rowell, jo Russavage

Course Description -

Chop Wood Carry Water Permaculture offers Permaculture Design Certificate or PDC courses.  The PDC is an internationally recognized program which originated in Australia. Founder Bill Mollison’s curriculum covers the foundations of permaculture practice. Interestingly, the first permaculture course to be taught in America was taught in New Hampshire in the early 1980’s. 
Lauren and jo continue that commitment to permaculture education, offering PDC courses and other permaculture classes in Nottingham, NH.  They teach in such an engaging way that students leave their training capable and inspired to begin work of their own, and confident in their ability to design permanent systems that will care for themselves, others and the planet. 
Two ‘Seasonals’ are offered in 2012, offered 1 weekend a month over 5 months, for a total of 80 contact hours focused around a design project. The Spring - Early Summer session features intensive garden management. Scheduled weekends are 24-25 Mar, 21-22 Apr, 19-20 May, 9-10 June and 7-8 July, 2012.
The Late Summer into Winter PDC includes a focus on food safety and includes a 2-day field-trip to the Common Ground Fair in Unity, Maine. Scheduled weekends are 25-26 Aug, 21-22 Sept, 13-14 Oct, 3-4 Nov and 10 Dec, 2012.
The Permaculture Design Certificate is also offered as an intensive - 9 days over a 2-week period, with a 3-day weekend break to allow for family time. Like the ‘Seasonals’ the intensive course is focused around a design project, with 80 contact hours. This format lends itself well to groups as a teambuilding experience. Dates are 11-15 Aug and 19-22 Aug, 2012.
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