The Phoenix Permaculture Guild


The Phoenix Permaculture Guild presents
Fall 2007 Permaculture Design Course

Dates - Sept 8 & 9,  Sept 29 &30,  Oct 20 & 21,  Nov 10 &11, Presentation/potluck Nov 18th

What is this you ask?  Permaculture is a way of thinking and organizing intelligent ecological and ethical design. It does not focus on the elements of sustainability in themselves, for example the details of organic living, eco-building, appropriate technology, community building, green finance, or rainwater harvesting, but on the beneficial relationships between these elements. Further focusing on how they are put together to make them as energy efficient and sustaining as possible, for people, the planet and our ecosystem.

Permaculture Design instruction will empower you to design your own Homesite or anothers.  This design of a whole system will give you the “Where, When, What and Why”, of a sustainable project. This process will save you time, money and the Planet.

All this and more will be taught and learned at the Permaculture Design Course this coming spring here in Phoenix.   The course will be held on weekends, beginning January 27th (three weeks apart), with the final presentation day April 14th.  From the course you will build an understanding of holistic sustainable design that you can apply to your own space as well as the community.

The Phoenix Permaculture Guild with its numerous teachers have kept the cost as low as possible, while creating a versatile program. Four home sites will be hosts for each of the weekend classes plus other arranged trips and hands-on instruction.

This certificated course  (you will receive a Permaculture Design Course Certificate) is $650 with a $50 discount if a $100 deposit is received by August 15th.

PDC Dates - Sept 8 & 9,  Sept 29 &30,  Oct 20 & 21,  Nov 10 &11, Presentation/potluck Nov 18th

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