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The Spring 2007 Permaculture Design Course

Your Teachers and Presenters (in alphabetical order)
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Chris Carlise: After being introduced to permaculture and Daniel Quinn’s writings, especially the book "Beyond Civilization", I begin focusing on permaculture as a practical tool to bring my life back into a more sustainable balance with nature.   Constantly asking what are my fundamental needs and how can they be met in a holistic framework. Through this perspective I have been on a quest to re-tool and re-shape my life to achieve a quality of life everyone has access to.  I took the Permaculture Design Course hosted by Jerome Osentowski at the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute.  Thereafter I gained more hands on experience through work, workshops, conferences and independent study - volunteer work on organic farms, edible and medicinal plants of the southwest workshops, the University of Arizona’s Master Gardener Program, various trainings on water harvesting, 2003 Natural Building Convergence at Lama Foundation, 2003 and 2004 Bioneers conference, and independent study on alternative energy.  As a Phx Permaculture Guild member I’ve helped promote permaculture through information tables at various conferences. Return to Instructor List

Jay Johnson is a freelance designer, consultant and educator on permaculture systems and edible landscapes. His passion and life's work is to create environmentally stable societies, in both urban and natural areas. Specializing in sustainable agriculture, ethnobotany and environmental restoration, he has assisted organizations as varied as the National Park Service, International WWOOF (Willing Workers on Organic Farms) and the City of Phoenix Parks & Rec. Dept. Notable projects around the Valley include the Urban Farm Gardens, HappyDirt Veggie Patch - Farm at South Mountain, City of Phoenix Rio Salado Habitat Area and the Baron Edible Landscape Project in Scottsdale. He is cofounder of the Phoenix Permaculture Guild and an owner-member of the Pierson Street Eco-Village in Phoenix, where he currently resides. Return to Instructor List

Kerry McClure is passionate about alternative energy. Return to Instructor List

Jo Miller is the Water Conservation Program Manager for the city of Glendale, where she maintains a comprehensive and innovative public education and outreach program. Jo manages the award winning Xeriscape Demonstration garden at the Glendale Main Library. The project won a Governor’s Pride Award in Water Conservation in 2004.

Prior to working for the City of Glendale, Jo owned and managed a landscape design business for 19 years. Her business provided a permaculture assessment for the Phoenix Zoo that lead to several demonstration water harvesting installations at the Zoo’s Harmony Farm site. She received certification in basic and advanced permaculture and was a teacher/mentor for Prescott College providing instruction in permaculture to undergraduate students.

She is the co-author of Earth-Friendly Desert Gardening, a book published by the Master Gardener Press. The book received the 2003 Communication Award and a 2005 Arizona Glyph award for best gardening book. One of her greatest joys in life is pretending that she is tending her garden.

Education/training: B. S. in Education from Ohio State University, Advanced certification in Permaculture Design, Certified Project WET facilitator, Master Gardener. Return to Instructor List

Greg Peterson holds a masters degree in Urban and Environmental Planning, after completing a Bachelors of Interdisciplinary Studies at ASU in 2004. Both degrees were grounded in sustainability studies merging over 20 years of real world self study in sustainability with academic planning. As a resident of Phoenix for the last 40 years Greg has a long rich history of farming in drylands, He was first introduced to desert gardening by his mother at the age of 12. Throughout his life the notion of sustainability played a key role in the way he pursued his education and planted his gardens. In 1991 the concept of Permaculture was introduced and brought together many sustainability concepts into one cohesive system.

In 2001 Greg created a new concept called the Urban Farm, a real world environmental showcase home in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona. Utilizing his extensive background to develop an innovative holistic sustainability site, The Urban Farm ( ) features an entirely edible 1/3 acre farm, rainwater and greywater harvesting, solar applications and green remodeling. The site is opened periodically throughout the year for the public to experience and take with them some of the sustainability principles presented. The Urban Farm offers classes, lectures and tours throughout the year.

Greg Peterson is a writer, teacher and lecturer on many aspects of sustainability. His passion is to present sustainability so that the receiver can conceptualize and implement the technology into their own space. He is currently a contributing writer for Edible Phoenix and is a primary writer and host for the new television show Smart Spaces: Inside & Out ( ). Greg has owned many businesses in his life and has an extensive background in computer technology having run two technology companies from 1986 to 2003. Return to Instructor List

Don Titmus has lived and worked in the E. Phoenix area since 1981. Prior to that he lived near London, England. It was here he received his education in Horticulture. Three years apprenticeship with college certificates in basic hort. Then a full year for a National Cert in Hort – Landscaping. Upon arrival in the U.S. he worked for a landscape company for 12 yrs. Then started his own business in garden maintenance, 1993.

Don attended his PC design course with Scott Pittman and Larry Santoyo at Ecoversity, Santa Fe, NM during the summer of 2003. Then one year later attended the PC Teacher Training with Jude Hobbs and Tom Ward in OR. Don is also one of the founding members of the Phx. Permaculture Guild, has create the "Bee Oasis" at his Mesa home and currently teaches High School Org. Gardening and Sustainability (for the second year).

Additionally Don has taught Massage, Sacred sexuality, Reiki, Camping skills. Facilitated "Rainbow Lodge" ceremonies for many, including David Dibble’s Four Agreements in the Workplace. As a minister he has conducted weddings, held ceremonies, and is a member of the Interfaith Alliance of AZ. Don has been in leadership of many organizations that involved negotiations with federal services. Don’s home is truly a reflection of "Walking his Talk", he lives from the Earth and holds a deep respect for all on it. Return to Instructor List