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Zone 2 -- The Yard:  This is the area just oustide your home. It is a common space used to host dandelions and the various adventures of chipmunks, robins, rabbits, and more ...

Zone 3 -- The Farm:  This is the area close to home and still familiar. Things may not be completely related to your home-space and this area may be more independant than others.

Zone 4 -- The Wilderness:  ... for all that is more distant and separate from your immediate surroundings. An area you will visit often and use for many purposes. In the end, you will return home.

Zone 1 -- Home:  Everything you keep close. Everything that directly relates to the everyday. Also the Pc.Net Main Page.

Miscellaneous:  (All else that complements the above.)

Add A Site:  Have an interesting link to add?! ...


Zone 2 -- The Yard

Watershed Management Group
   Watershed Management Group (WMG) develops community-based solutions to ensure the long-term
   prosperity of people and health of the environment. We provide people with the knowledge,
   skills, and resources for sustainable livelihoods.We offer courses in water harvesting,
   green infra structure and eco sanitation as well as running free workshops through our
   green streets and sweat equity Co-op programs.
Willow Way Permaculture Design Course
   The Willow Way Permaculture Design Course (PDC) spans our high-altitude growing season,
   providing a wide-ranging learning experience that reflects the diversity inherent in the
   Rocky Mountain Front Range. Learn how to work with the wisdom of nature to create resilient
   systems in which both the yield and the fertility are upheld for future generations.
Permaculture Visions
   Permaculture Portal, Free Information, Permaculture Courses in 45 Countries since 1993.
   Submitted by April Sampson-Kelly
Permaculture Planet
   Permaculture Planet is an internationally orientated online Permaculture
   resource base serving the well established & ever growing Permaculture
   community and novices alike by providing global information including;
   News, Articles, Education, Projects, Jobs, Events & The Permaculture Planet Directory.
Permaculture Ponds
   Complete waterfall and garden pond information site
   for all water feature enthusiasts, with a focus on Permacultiure.
   A sustainable living educational center focused on appropriate technology,
   sustainable forestry, organic gardening, and Permaculture.
   Submitted by Tao Orion
Permaculture Research Institute of Australia
Cascadia Permaculture
   A resource for Northwest Permaculture design, education, and consultation.
   A list of upcoming courses is included.
   Submitted by
Mendocino Ecological Learning Center (MELC)
   The Mendocino Ecological Learning Center (MELC) is an educational
   organization and demonstration site where people can come and see
   examples of living in ways that conserve resources, create diversity,
   increase self sufficiency, and promote profound understandings of the
   relationships between ourselves and our planet.
Desert Harvesters
   A website dedicated to an effort to promote thesustainable planting,
   growing, harvesting, processing, and eating of native plant foods
   in the southwest U.S. At the core of our efforts are mesquite pod
   millings and mesquite pancake chow downs throughout southern Arizona.
   Submitted by Brad Lancaster
Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands
   sustainable living strategies in the dryland environment. Harvested
   water can include rainwater, greywater, air conditioning condensate,
   evaporative cooler bleed off, stormwater runoff, and muncipal/well
   water. This website features water-harvesting books, and provides free
   water-harvesting calculations, illustrations, extensive resources, and
   much more.
   Submitted by Brad Lancaster
Lost Valley Education Center
   An intentional community and nonprofit educational center dedicated to
   learning, living, and teaching sustainable, ecologically-based culture.
Urbana Permaculture Project
   The Urbana Permaculture Project coordinates a non-centralized, multi-site
   non-commercial Permaculture network in the community of Urbana, IL.
Austin Permaculture Community
   Supporting the Austin Permaculture Community with a monthly study
   group, classes and periodic events to educate people about Permaculture.
   Join our email listserv at
   Submitted by Selwyn Polit
Oasis Design -- Ecological systems design
   Water, waste-water and greywater systems, edible landscaping,
   transport, bicycles, and more. Books, articles and consulting.
   Submitted by Art Ludwig
Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute
Kootenay Permaculture Institute
   A Centre for research and education in permaculture, sustainable
   agriculture and agroforestry in British Columbia, Canada.
Eco-Village and Cohousing Assoc of New Zealand (EVCNZ)
Instituto Permacultura de Baja (email only)
   Family and market polycultures, water management, erosion control,
   Aquaculture systems, vineyard consultation, and general
   permaculture design, as well as permaculture greenhouse design and
   installation and locally in northern california earthworks for permaculture.
Central Arizona Uplands Permaculture
La'akea Permaculture Gardens
The Permaculture Research Institute Denmark (PRIDK)
   Submitted by Karsten Petersen
Permakultur Institut e.V. Deutschland
   Webpage of the german permaculture movement.
   Submitted by Burkhard Kayser
Earth&Table Digest and Resource Pages
   Moderated digest for those interested in growing, preserving, and preparing healthy
   and delicious food.
Elissa's Companion Planting Compendium
   An excellent resource for companion planting, non-companion planting, and friendly
   ways to send bugs packin' !
   Submitted by Jason Bavington
   WE-Design is an ecological design firm specializing in land-use planning, sustainable
   development, edible landscaping, backyard wildlife habitat, and rainwater catchment.
   Submitted by Michael Lockman
Australian Permaculture Information & Design Services
   Feaures an active Q&A Forum, searchable Plants for a Future database, huge book
   resource library (through Amazon and direct from the harder to find publishers),
   children's and community groups resources pages, online correspondance courses,
   green business and much more.
   Submitted by Marcus
Permaculture Visions International
   Leaders in Permaculture by Distance Learning.
   With students from Alaska to Outback Australia.
Permaculture Drylands Institute
Permaculture The Earth
Permaculture Magazine
The Permaculture Association (Britain)
Permaculture Information Service and Earth Repair Catalogue
Sixth International Permaculture Conference
Permaculture Melbourne
The Permaculture Activist

Zone 3 -- The Farm

How to Compost
Friends of the Trees Society
   Articles on peak food and how to achieve local food security. Advertizes
   courses and workshops by Michael Pilarski. Permaculture networking for
   the Pacific Northwest.
   Submitted by Michael Pilarski
Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center
   Our farming program is about growing beyond-organic authentic food in
   the southwest mountains. Our whole center is surrounded by mountains,
   collecting water and using solar, and we have straw bale buildings.
Sun Baked
   Sun Baked is the only company in Canada specializing in high quality solar
   powered cooking appliances. Solar cookers open up a vast and virtually
   untapped market for solar energy in Canada while delivering a measure of
   true energy independence to ordinary people who cannot afford a solar hot
   water or PV system.
Growing Food in the Southwest Mountains
   Above 1,900 meters? Dry weather (46 - 56 cm of rain a year)? Clay, sand
   or volcanic cinder soils with low organic matter are common? Cold winters
   with daytime temperatures near freezing are common? Large temperature
   fluctuations between day and night? Then this book is for you!
Tom Dorn with Mar Vista Cottages at Anchor Bay
   Vacation cottage community serving as demonstration
   Permaculture site.
Scythe Supply
   Scythe Supply specializes in the European style scythe.
   Offering blades, snaths, outfits, equipment, information
   and instruction. Mowing effectively without gasoline.
Sustainable Settings
Seedsaving and Seedsavers' Resources
   Resources on seedsaving for seedsavers and those interested in heirloom
   and open-pollinated varieties of vegetables, flowers, bulbs as well as
   heirloom fruit varieties and general agricultural/horticultural plant
   genetic diversity.
   Submitted by Ute Bohnsack.
Plants for a future
Straw Bale Paradise Natural Building-Permaculture project of Patricia Kerns
LETSystems - the Home Page
Composting Toilet World
Pc Plants for a Future
How to Compost

Zone 4 -- The Wilderness

Living Mandala
   Living Mandala is a growing collective of educators, organizers and designers committed to eco-social
   regeneration based on the organizing intelligence of nature exhibited through the emergence of life.
Living Mandala Social Network
   The Social Network for Living Mandala (above)
Gaia University
   Gaia University is a growing institution for higher learning with offerring accredited Bachelors &
   Masters degrees and Graduate Diplomas for action-learning project work in self and planetary
   transformation and ecosocial regeneration.
The Romany Rest B&B Blog
   A permaculture B&B with xeric landscaping, wild meadow,
   mandala garden, forest garden & more!
The Celestopea Project
   Dedicated to creating ecologically balanced, floating ocean
   communities and terra-formed,permacultured islands, grown
   from the mineral-rich waters of the tropical oceans.
Sandy Bar Ranch
   Land based community, homstead, cottage industry,
   and fruit tree nursury, Internships & work exchange available.
Cohousing Resources
   Resources for creating sustainable community.
   Submitted by Chris ScottHanson
Natürliche Landwirtschaft!
   Permaculture Information in German.
   Submitted by
Green Parties of North America
Zero Population Growth
Intentional Communities Web Site Home Page
Global Eco-village Network
Minding Your Permaculture Business
Planet Neighborhood
Post Industrial Post Urban Shift Network
The Campus Center for Appropriate Technology

Zone 1 -- Home

Permaculture.Net Discussion Forum

   Organic and sustainable garden design services along with an informational blog
Our Perma Trip
   Our Permaculture trip - From seed to table. Eventually we plan to buy a home and share our
   experience of turning the backyard into a delicious food forest! It's not much now but we
   hope to make it a great resource for people on the east coast!
   Submitted by Mike & Jess
Garden & Pond Depot
   Garden & Pond Depot specializes in outdoor and indoor decor from water fountains to statues.
   In addition, read expert articles on water fountain maintenance, decorative tips, trivia and more!
   Submitted by Paul L
   A community based project concentrating on permaculture training and demonstration
   and resource center plus numerous volonteer projects targeting the poverty stricken
   neighbourhoods in Kenya. The projects also concentrates in volontourism, a simple way
   of traveling and contributing to the improvement of livelihoods of orphans and vulnerable children.
   Submitted by EVANS OWUOR ODULA

   We are developing an ecovillage in the South Gulf Islands of British Columbia,
   Canada. The ecovillage is working to be a model of co-operative, sustainable
   land use and features public outreach and education as included goals.
   Submitted by Jan Steinman
   Nourish(meant) is both a collection of projects and a belief.
   At its most basic, the idea is this: to run a garden and kitchen
   out of a biofuels vehicle and travel around America, feeding folks.
My Best Remedies
   From the web designer of Permaculture.Net comes a new health website
   My Best Remedies brings you a wealth of accurate and thoroughly researched
   health and wellness information, spanning all major health topics and fields.
Plant Swap
   Plant Swap is a completely free site for gardeners to organize
   community plant swaps (where they trade or give away plants they
   have propagated in their gardens).
St. Norbert Arts Centre
   The St. Norbert Arts Centre is dedicated to cultural expression,
   education and environmental stewardship. Situated on a site of
   spiritual, cultural, historical and environmental significance,
   site stewardship is the backbone of the centre's efforts.
   Submitted by
Handmade Clothing .net is your premiere source for eco-friendly
   handmade clothes on the net featuring a listing of online stores,
   a free classifieds area, chatroom, message board, and more!
   Visit today for a unique shopping experience.
   Submitted by Justin Cannon
Green Living
   Techniques and technologies for sustainable living, showing how permaculture
   principles can be applied to eco-renovation, downshifting and
   adapting to Peak Oil
   Submitted by James Lea
Mtuba Christian Academy
   A South African Christian school that is very involved in the very
   poor rural community around them, offering adult literacy courses and
   permaculture training to the locals.
Common Sense Landscape & Garden Care
   A common sense, step by step plan to a healthy lawn and garden.
   Articles on Xeriscape, soil health, composting and compost tea,
   and natural pest control.
   Submitted by Asher Gifford
Principles of Ecological Design
   Insight, inspiration, and guidance for a radical redesign of our way
   of life. Principles fundamental to any green building or ecological
   living initiative, these illuminate a way to disengage from corporate
   consumer culture, and create a more fulfilling lifestyle.
   Submitted by Art Ludwig
   A Directory of: Green Building Professionals, Sustainable Development
   Professionals, Environmental Health Professionals and Environmental
   Web Resources.
   Submitted by Roy Prince
Permaculture Credit Union
   Credit Union working for the ethics of Permaculture.
Direct Action Journal
   A collection of articles, book reviews and resources addressing sustainable
   economics, community design, localization and increasing individual freedom.
Seasoned Booksellers
   Seasoned Booksellers is devoted to furthering a sustainable living culture
   through an exchange of books and ideas for self-reliant, renewable,
   regenerative, and sustainable living practices. Find books on homesteading,
   agriculture, rural renaissance, wild-crafting foods and medicines, putting
   up the harvest, earth spirituality, food politics, wilderness studies, and
   back to the land adventures. ***It is a conscious choice, this living and
   breathing in voluntary simplicity with the rhythms of the seasons. In the
   face of environmental world chaos, it is essential that more and more
   individuals make this choice.
Holy Earth
Sustainable Social Work Mandala
1st. Latin American Permaculture Congress
   This Web Site is a promocional of the 1st. Latin American Permaculture Congress.
Earth Garden Magazine
   In our 26th year of independently publishing Australia's leading magazine
   of self-sufficiency and practical environmentalism, it may seem incongruous
   for a Back-to-Basics magazine to embrace the World Wide Web. Perhaps it is,
   but one of the attractive features of the Internet is that no one government
   or economic rationalist philosophy can control the exchange of information.
   Submitted by ""
Green CONNECTIONS Magazine
   Great magazine with articles on things such as 'Green Living'
   'Ethical Business' and 'Sustainability' with a green directory of
   Connections around Australia.
   Submitted by ""
The Alternative Health CD
   The Alternative Health CD is the most current, complete reference available
   on ailments and alternative forms of healing. Assembled by an exceptional team
   of naturopaths, homeopaths, herbalists, and many others, the CD-ROM represents
   the culmination of 24 months of research by 25 individuals. 150 ailments, 425
   remedies, fully just doesn't get much better! ...
   Submitted by Jason Bavington
PERMACULTURRE International Journal
   PIL is a non-profit organisation which provides readers and the
   public with the resources to better care for people and the earth.
   We offer positive alternatives to local and global problems.
   This is achieved through;
   *global networking
   *products and educational resources
   *sponsorship of permaculture and related projects in under-resourced countries
   *providing a free public information service on permaculture and environmental issues.
   Submitted by ""
Pangaia: A PC Raw Food Homestead in Hawaii
   We are a raw food tribal homestead looking to expand, mature, and inspire.
   Submitted by
Ecologists of Chios, Greece
   Environmental, Permaculture, Social stuff regarding Greece and further afield.
   Submitted by "mikefaf"
Earthaven a Growing Neo-Tribal Ecovillage
Bay Area Permaculture Guild
Dreamtime Village
Permaculture Institute of Northern California
Cross Timbers Permaculture Institute
La'akea Permaculture Gardens in Hawaii
Permaculture in Cuba, ACF, Cuba Green Team, PGAN, PP-FNH
Heenah Mahyah Student-Operated Farm
Sustainable Sources Environmental Website

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